Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Summer Schools

The Summer Schools at the Dubnow Institute have been designed as a forum for scholarly exchange, promoting dialogue between recognized experts in the field and younger historians and scholars in cultural studies. They are geared to interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research and serve to encourage international networking among doctoral candidates at a relatively early juncture. A useful aspect of these encounters is the discussion with younger scholars in the field regarding the possibilities and limits of an integrative and pan-European approach to Jewish history which the Institute stresses.
These gatherings, devoted to a specific topic and extending over several days, provide the participants ample time and opportunity for presenting their research projects, embedding them in a methodological matrix and a broader context by means of lectures and seminars. A welcome break from this intensive intellectual exchange is provided by an organized program of group excursions and a spectrum of leisure-time activities.