American Jewish Political Thought – At Home and Abroad

Digital Annual Conference


The conference took place digitally. The records of several panels are available on our website.

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This conference focuses on the history of twentieth-century American Jewish political thought in a transnational dimension. It brings together scholars from the United States, Germany, and Israel to discuss how American Jews articulated in words and deeds the multiple and often conflicting perspectives about their own situation in America and their relationship to the Jewish people worldwide.

Preceded by a lecture series on »American Jewish Political Thought: Transnational Varieties,« which took place from April to June 2021, the conference carries forward the exploration of this theme by further looking at the diverse ways in which American Jews, through their communal institutions and organizations, articulated a variety of ideas about their responsibilities for Jews and Jewish life at home and abroad. At the same time, it raises the question of how their actions, in turn, reflected concerns the Jews of the United States had for themselves and their place in American life. Being aware of the wide-ranging varieties of American Jewish political thought, the speakers will emphasize both common concerns among American Jews and widely divergent views of what to do and how.

This joint event of the Dubnow Institute and the Goldstein-Goren Center at New York University will contribute to the broadening of a transnational perspective within the field of American Jewish history. Moreover, the organizers seek to strengthen transatlantic scholarly ties and imagine future cooperation, which will shed new light on American Jewish political thought in so many places around the world.


Prof. Dr. Yaakov Ariel,The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC | Zarin Aschrafi, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig | Prof. Dr. Jessica Cooperman, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA | Ludwig Decke, University of Wisconsin–Madison, WI | Prof. Dr. Hasia R. Diner, New York University, NY | Prof. Dr. Marc Dollinger, San Francisco State University, CA | Prof. Dr. Marjorie N. Feld, Babson College, Wellesley, MA | Dr. Elisabeth Gallas, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig | PD Dr. Jan Gerber, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig | Dr. Philipp Graf, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig | Prof. Dr. Cheryl Lynn Greenberg,Trinity College Hartfort, CT | Prof. Dr. Sarah Imhoff, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN | Dr. Vera Kallenberg, Bielefeld University | Prof. Dr. Eli Lederhendler, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem| Dr. Enrico Lucca, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig | Prof. Dr. Noam Pianko, University of Washington, Seattle, WA | Dr. des. Imanuel Clemens Schmidt, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig | Prof. Dr. Nancy Sinkoff, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, NJ | Prof. Dr. Randi Storch, State University of New York College at Cortland, NY | Jakob Stürmann, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig | Dr.  Brett Winestock, Dubnow Institute, Leipzig

15th to 16th June 2021
Digital Annual Conference

In cooperation with The Goldstein-Goren Center for American Jewish History at New York University