The Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow (DI) is dedicated to interdisciplinary research across multiple eras of Jewish life worlds in Central and Eastern Europe, from the Middle Ages through to the present. This research adopts a pan-European perspective and includes areas of Jewish emigration, especially Israel as well as North and Latin America.

Through events, university courses, and a broad range of publications, the research findings are presented both to a specialist audience and the interested public. This includes the internationally renowned bilingual »Jahrbuch des Dubnow-Instituts/Dubnow Institute Yearbook«; the essay series »toldot« and »hefez«, and the magazine »Jewish History & Culture«. On the blog »Mimeo,« scholars offer an overview of their current research projects. The special collection of the institute library is also open to students and guests.


Studies of the Dubnow Institute

Volume 33
Offenbarungsphilosophie und Geschichte

Inka Sauter

Göttingen 2022


Geschichtsoptimismus und Katastrophenbewusstsein

Ed. by Jan Gerber, Philipp Graf and Anna Pollmann

Göttingen 2022


Volume 2
Ein Drama in Akten

Bilha Shilo

Göttingen 2022



Jewish Scholars at the Leipzig University

Presentation of the web portal by Dr. Ulrich Schuster, Josefine Klaus, and Sophie Rabenow

5 July 2022, 7 p.m.


»Wir halten es für fahrlässig, über uns zu schweigen.« (Serhij Žadan)

Leipzig Lecture Series on Literature, Culture and History of the Ukraine

7 July, 5.15 p.m.: Panel discussion with refugee scholars from the Ukraine
Polnisches Institut


Exhibition: Jewish Album

Photographs by Rita Ostrovska

Next guiding tour: 13 July 2022, noon
Dubnow Institute