Thematic Issues

The thematic issues of the Dubnow Institute allow for various aspects of Jewish everyday culture to be discussed in the classroom. They are intended for lessons from the 7th class and up as well as for political adult education and may be used for individual lessons or project days. The issues correspond to the guidelines of the Conference of the Ministers of Culture and the German-Israeli Textbook Commission and disseminate basic knowledge about Jewish religious practices. They focus explicitly on changes undergone by Jewish communities in Germany since reunification. They thereby react to the lack of knowledge and the misperceptions that shape the image of Jewish life in Germany, which currently concentrates on issues such as antisemitism, discrimination, and persecution.

The thematic issues for the classroom are published by the Dubnow Institute in collaboration with the Association of History Teachers in Germany in the framework of the project »Turning Object into Subject. Communicating Jewish Everyday Culture in Germany«. They are funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in the framework of its guidelines regarding the promotion of research associations in the field of antisemitism research, »Current Dynamics and Challenges of Antisemitism.«

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