Thematic Issue 1

Jewish Religious Traditions.

Yearly Cycle – Dietary Laws – Ritual Slaughter – Circumcision

Cover des Themenhefts »Jüdische religiöse Traditionen«

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The first thematic issue offers insights into religious traditions and the diversity of Jewish life. It concentrates on four focal points: the yearly cycle, dietary laws, ritual slaughter, and circumcision. These core components of the Jewish faith are the topic of frequent antisemitic prejudices, which persists among other reasons because of the lack of knowledge necessary to refute them. Thematic Issue 1 therefore places these Jewish religious traditions in their historical context and disseminates multi-perspectival knowledge about them.

The second edition of the topical textbook »Jewish Religious Traditions« is currently in preparation and is expected to be delivered at the end of June 2024. The German-language booklet makes it possible to cover aspects of everyday Jewish culture in the classroom. Pre-orders of print copies in quantities of 30/60/90/120 can be made by e-mail to themenhefte(at), stating the shipping address and the desired quantity. The topical textbook is also available free of charge in Open Access. On the project website you will find an online view of the booklet, the individual chapters for download as well as all multimedia content and additional materials.

The thematic issue is part of the cooperative project »Turning Object into Subject. Communicating Jewish Everyday Culture in Germany,« funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Leipzig, 2023

Free of charge, Open Access