Current Semester

Master’s in History, Focal Module 03-HIS-0410 »European History of the Jews«

The module includes two seminars that can be chosen from the four on offer; altogether four hours per semester week.

These two seminars and/or tutorials together comprise the module “European History of the Jews” (03-HIS-0410), which forms part of the course M.A. in Medieval and Modern History at the Historical Seminar. These seminars and tutorials may be attended individually or as a module by students of the European Studies Masters program at the Institute for Cultural Studies, by students of bibliography, and pending consultation by students of the Faculty of Law at Leipzig University. These seminars and tutorials also form a part of the Master’s in »History and Politics of the 20th Century« at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Depending on their enrolment, students may attend the research colloquium either as a specialization module or as an additional course.

Enrollment: see the key date in the Department of History

Grading: presentation and seminar paper

Please check the central website of the Leipzig University regularly for the current situation.

Courses offered this semester


Jewish Soviet Responses to Experiences of Violence in the 1940s

Lecturer: Jakob Stürmann

Sommer Semester 2022


Shaping Democratization

Jewish Voices in Legal Policy Debates in the Early Federal Republic

Lecturers: Philip Emanuel Bockelmann/Dr. Elisabeth Gallas

Sommer Semester 2022

Block seminar

Exhibiting: The History of Anticolonial Thought in Germany since the Nineteenth Century

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Raphael Gross/Dagi Knellesse (Deutsches Historisches Museum/Leipzig University)

Sommer Semester 2022


Antisemitismus, Rassismus, Genozid

Zum Konzept der »multidirektionalen Erinnerung«

Lecturer: PD Dr. Jan Gerber

Sommer Semester 2022


Jewish-Muslim Encounters within the European Context

Politics, Religion and Scholarship in the Late Modern Period

Organizers: Dr. des. Walid Abdelgawad/Dr. Amit Levy

Sommer Semester 2022