Summer Semester 2024

From Jew-Hatred to Antisemitism

Genesis and Causes of a Transformation

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jan Gerber

Time: thursday, 9.15-10.45 a.m.

Start: 11 April 2024

Venue: Lepzig University, GWZ H5 2.16

Seminar Language: German

The age of revolutions and the formation of nation states was shaped by manifold transformations. This includes not least of all the transformation of Jew-hatred grounded in Christianity into modern antisemitism. Originally religious imagery, imaginations, and enmities underwent a process of secularization and the hitherto largely religiously connoted combination of prejudice and enmity was remodeled as a worldview with an all-encompassing explanatory potential. This seminar will explore the causes, backgrounds, and dynamics of this transformation through close readings of Detlev Claussen’s 1987 book “Vom Judenhaß zum Antisemitismus” (From Jew-Hatred to Antisemitism). Today regarded as a classic in this context, this work offers an extensive introductory essay on the genesis of modern antisemitism alongside source texts and commentaries.


Literature: Detlev Claussen, Vom Judenhaß zum Antisemitismus. Materialien einer verleugneten Geschichte, Darmstadt/Neuwied 1987.


Limitation of participation: max. 25 persons
Examination: State examination: Written exam (60min.)/Master: Term paper (PVL: presentation)

Course in the Master's module 03-HIS-0407, History of the 20th century: The struggle between democracy and dictatorship