»Wir Zurückgebliebenen gleichen Konservatoren eines geplünderten Museums«.

Von der Rekonstruktion jüdischer Sammlungen der Weimarer Republik


The event took place digitally. The video is available on the YouTube channel of Leipzig University Library.

To the Virtual Archive


Lecture by Prof. Dr. Meike Hopp (Berlin) as part of the lecture series »The Search for Traces«

Due to the Corona pandemic, the lecture will be held digitally.

The interdisciplinary lecture series will take place in the form of a lecture series hosted in cooperation with the Leipzig University Library. It adopts an object-centered approach to fundamental questions and methodological challenges in provenance research on key book collections in the field of Jewish history and culture. The colloquium will highlight processes of cultural migration and mobility, questions of social inclusion and exclusion, and especially issues of genocide and histories of destruction, ruptured property relationships, and landscapes of memory after 1945. Through this perspective, we will discuss the overarching possibilities and limitations of provenance research. In order to cultivate a comprehensive and multi-perspectival point of entry, the speakers, who work in university research, libraries, and specialist collections, will present innovative approaches and recognized methods.

13 December, 6 p.m.
Digital event

Lecture series accompanying the exhibition »Herkunft zu ermitteln. Das Depositum der Israelitischen Religionsgemeinde in der UB Leipzig« in cooperation with the Leipzig University Library, supported by #2021 JLID – Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland e.V. aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums des Innern, für Bau und Heimat.