»Translating Culture. A Conference in Honour of Sholem Aleichem's 150th Birthday«

Annual Conference of the Dubnow Institute

The Translating Culture Conference of the Simon-Dubnow-Institute for Jewish History and Culture has focused on phenomena of Jewish literary transfer from Eastern Europe to Central Europe from the fin de siècle onwards. Jewish literary migrants instigated in Berlin and other places manifold activities of translation from Jewish languages whose characteristics are transgression and adaptation to the target language. The conference explored the lingual and cultural constellation of Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian and German. The transformation of these languages served as point of reference for an evolving new national Jewish self awareness but also for new forms of acculturation. Agents as different as writers, translators, and publishers played a central role in these processes of intermediation, exchange and transfer among the languages and cultures. To draw a comprehensive picture, the presentations have addressed questions that deal more generally with reflections on the life and work of individuals, on institutions and associations. The conference has also concentrated on theoretical and methodological questions of translation. 

15th to 16th Ocotber 2009
Dubnow Institute