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Transdisciplinary Perspectives in the Field of Jewish Cultural Studies

The academic workshop will deal with transdisciplinary perspectives in Jewish cultural studies. At this meeting of Israeli and German scholars at the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow, fellows of the I-CORE Center of Excellence "Da’at Hamakom" will present their research projects in Leipzig.

All contributions correspond to notions of "place" in Jewish culture in modernity. They will present cultural landscapes, musical enactments and representations between the sacred and the profane. The participants will give insight into their current work and discuss innovative research results in their respective disciplines.

The aim of the two-day event is to deepen existing scholarly exchange and to promote sustainable academic relations in the humanities between Germany and Israel.

25. bis 26. Februar 2019

Grußwort: Yfaat Weiss, Jörg Deventer

Workshop des Leibniz-Instituts für jüdische Geschichte und Kultur – Simon Dubnow in Kooperation mit "Da’at Hamakom" – I-CORE Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World