Promotion of
Early Career Scholars

The research projects of the doctoral candidates and postdoctoral scholars form the core of the institute’s activities. The Dubnow Institute is an attractive place for young researchers to obtain their qualifications on account of the intense individual supervision of their projects, the manifold forms of exchange, the integration into broad national and international networks, and the various publication formats on offer here.

The Research Units are the linchpin of the institute’s scholarly activities and supervision. The respective unit heads supervise project developments from the initial concept through to the submission of theses. Two closed meetings per annum – one in the spring for doctoral candidates and one in the fall for postdoctoral scholars – offer an opportunity for the respective scholars to present their work and discuss these intensively with the other members of the institute. A special emphasis is here placed on promoting interdisciplinary exchanges and discussions between scholars at different stages of their academic careers. The doc circle and postdoc circle afford the researchers an opportunity to discuss their work with the director. The researchers moreover benefit from the many networking opportunities afforded by the institute, especially in the framework of the Leibniz Association and its PhD Network.

The institute also offers various channels through which to promote the research of early career scholars and to assure their further qualification and international networking. The independently maintained institute blog »Mimeo«  allows the doctoral candidates to expand their scholarly network, gain editorial experience, and acquire skills relating to the dissemination of public scholarship.

The research assistants are also actively involved in scholarly exchange at the institute. They participate in the meetings of the research units and the closed meetings and, like the doctoral candidates and postdocs, they elect representatives each semester to communicate their interests within the institute.

Doctoral Candidates at the Dubnow Institute

Zarin Aschrafi

Affiliated Researcher;
PhD Candidate

Alexandra Bandl

PhD Candidate

Tel: +49 341 21735-698

Philip Emanuel Bockelmann

PhD Candidate

Tel: +49 341 21735-73

Dr. des Lukas Böckmann

Research Associate at the Dubnow Institute;
Research Associate at the Academy Project

Tel: +49 341 21735-702

Dagi Knellessen

Affiliated Researcher; PhD Candidate

Maya Kreiner

PhD Candidate

Tel: +49 341 21735-696

Margarita Lerman

Affiliated Researcher; PhD Candidate

Shaul Marmari

PhD Candidate;
Editorial coordinator of the blog »Mimeo«

Tel: +49 341 21735-72

Carolin Piorun

PhD Candidate

Tel: +49 341 21735-693

Moritz Schmeing

PhD Candidate

Tel: +49 341 21735-706

Judith Siepmann

PhD Candidate

Tel: +49 341 21735-706