Margarita Lerman

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Affiliated Researcher; PhD Candidate


Working at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as a PhD Candidate and at the Dubnow Institute as an Affiliated Researcher since 2021.

Studied Translation, Conference Interpreting, and European Studies at the universities of Concepción, Havana, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Leipzig University and completed her M. A. degree in Conference Interpreting (2019) as well as European Studies (2021). Subject of the Master’s thesis in Conference Interpreting: »“La justa causa de los pueblos árabes”. The Israeli Question in Cuban Perspective, 1959–1973.« Subject of the Master’s thesis in European Studies: »Migration and Moral. Jewish Procurers in Fin de Siècle Galicia.« From 2016 to 2021 Academic Assistant in the Editorial Department. Scholarship from Heinrich Böll Foundation from 2013 to 2017.