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The »Russian« Victor Klemperer:

His legacy in the Soviet and post-Soviet culture

This research project examines the receptions of Victor Klemperer’s intellectual legacy in Soviet and post-Soviet culture in three dimensions: a history of translations of all Klemperer’s books in Russian and other languages of the former Soviet republics; a history of responses towards Klemperer’s legacy in the post-Soviet thinking and public culture. The third dimension of Klemperers’s legacy was done at the background of the status of German intellectual culture in the Soviet and in the post-Soviet society. The strange fact is that despite the cult status of Klemperer's works in Germany, he was practically unknown, untranslated and not published during the Soviet time although the German classical philosophy, philology and literature were published and translated actively. The first translation and publishing of Klemperer’s book »LTI. Notizbuch eines Philologen« was made in Russian in 3,000 copies in 1998 at the famous Moscow Publishing House »Progress«.

The research project analyzes what place Klemperer's works occupy in the post-Soviet thinking, the response of scholars, journalists and public audience towards the translation, history of Klemperer's studies in the former Soviet countries, his intellectual impact on the contemporary thinking in the post-socialist audiences.