History of the Jews within the Context of General Historiography and the Social Sciences

In 2001, the Leipzig University was granted approval in the framework of the program »Internal Quality Networks« of the German Academic Exchange Service for the project »History of the Jews within the Context of General Historiography and the Social Sciences.« In the framework of the project, the University seeks to assist the international network of partnerships and cooperative arrangements, already largely implemented as an ongoing project at the Dubnow Institute on the basis of financing from the University and the State of Saxony, to move forward to new qualitative achievements. It is hoped that this can contribute to the enhanced image of Leipzig as an international center for research in the field of Jewish history and culture. The approved funding now makes it possible to significantly improve the existing programs for exchange, guest scholars and doctoral candidate fellowships, as well as multilateral cooperation schemes in research.

By constructing a network in the field of modern Jewish history and culture which can compete on an international scale, optimal conditions are created for enhancing and implementing the specific image of Leipzig as a locus for research. Research at the Dubnow Institute is organized principally in the form of smaller component projects within larger multilateral research initiatives, and is realized in close cooperation with partner institutions and bodies. In this way, it is hoped to make optimum use of the expertise of foreign scholars in particular, while creatively furthering the deepening inegration of German scholars into the broader international research community.