Brochure »Think Lab« and Annual Reports

The brochure »Think Lab«, published in summer 2022, offers a glimpse at the research of the Dubnow Institute as if through the window of a laboratory: In about twenty short articles, it spotlights the processes of our academic work, its underlying our questions and methods.

In our annual reports, we document the activities of the preceding calendar year. Here you can find the most important events as well as an overview of the institute’s employees, their research projects and publications, and our partners. This public format, which we established in 2019, is one of the measures we have taken to conform to the structures of the Leibniz Association and replaces the internal reports that appeared hitherto. From 1999 to 2014, our activities were documented in our »Bulletin.«

Brochure »Think Lab«

The broschure »Think Lab«, developed in the research project »Shifting Knowledge,« presents the research of the Dubnow Institute in about 20 articles. For this brochure, however, we have deliberately loosened our Institute’s structure. In the Institute’s everyday life, all of the topics, mentioned in the broschure, are anchored in one of our three research units, namely »Politics,« »Law,« and »Knowledge,« or in the division »Knowledge Transfer.« For the brochure, however, we have invited colleagues and guests from various sections to cooperate and write jointly. By developing current and forward-looking overarching methodologies and questions, this collaboration has uncovered new innovative perspectives which we are now pleased to present to you in a collection of short essays. Each one is a glance through the window in our research institution. We wish you an inspiring and thoughtprovoking read.

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Annual Reports

5 October 2021

Just released: Annual Report 2020

The annual report for the year 2020 has been published and can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF here on the website. It reports on a research-intensive year that was an unusual one in two aspects: due to the Corona pandemic and its consequences on the Institute's daily work, but also due to the founding of the Institute 25 years ago.

19 June 2019

Just released: Annual Report 2019

The Annual Report 2019 of the Dubnow Institute has just been published. In previous years the Institute documented its activities in an internal activity report, and from 1999 to 2014 the Bulletin served as a reporting tool. The publication of the research projects, publications, events and courses from 2019 is one of many measures to fit into the structures of the Leibniz Association. The Annual Report is designed in the corporate design developed for the institute in 2019.