Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Visiting Scholars 2012

Paul Lerner (University of Southern California, USA)

Consuming Encounters: Jews, Department Stores, and German Responses to Mass Consumption, 1880–1940

1 March to 31 May 2012


Mohamed Ahmed (Mansoura University, Egypt)

Arabic Use of the Iraqi Jews Novelists: A Stylistic Analysis of Selected Early and Late Hebrew Novels

1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013


Thomas Pegelow Kaplan (Davidson College, NC, USA)

Linke Protestbewegungen und Genozidrepräsentationen in den 60er und 70er Jahren in Westdeutschland und den USA

4 June to 4 July 2012


Nathan P. Devir (University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

The World as Midrash: Modern Jewish Cultures and the Re-Envisioning of Tradition

1 to 30 June 2012


David Weinstein (Wake Forest University, USA)

Exile and Interpretation

June 2012, Sabbatical Leave


Yaakov Ariel (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)

Conversions and De-Conversions during the Holocaust Era

27 July to 19 August 2012


Gil Rubin (Columbia University, New York City, USA)

The End of Minority Rights: Jacob Robinson, the Institute of Jewish Affairs and the Minority Question in WWII

29 July to 10 August 2012


Joshua Karlip (Yeshiva University, USA)

At the Crossroads: Jewish Intellectuals and the Crisis of 1939

1 to 30 August 2012


Chaim Beer (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

On the Footsteps of S. Y. Agnon in Leipzig

16 October 2012 to 15 March 2013


Iveta Leitane (University of Latvia, Riga)

Reuben Joseph Wunderbar (1812–1868) und die ostjüdischen Wissenskulturen zur Zeit der Haskalah und Emanzipation

2 November to 4 December 2012


Yuval Rubovitch (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Der Revisionismus in der Sozialdemokratie im deutschen Kaiserreich und sein Verhältnis zum Zionismus

19 November 2012 to 28 February 2013


Svetlana Natkovich (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

Beetween two Worlds: Avraam Uri Kovner's Self-Fashioning within the Context of Russian Culture

8 to 12 December 2012