Through the Dubnow Institute Fellowship Program, the institute annually invites PhD candidates, postdocs, and senior scholars from Germany and all around the world to conduct a research visit as fellows at the institute.



Olga Kartashova (New York University)
Jewish Efforts to Prosecute Nazi Criminals in Poland (1944–1959)

Marcin Wodziński (University of Wrocław)
Two Enlightenments: Poles, Jews, and Their Roads to Modernity


Jan Ryback (Birbeck College, London)
Jüdische bewaffnete Selbstermächtigung: Selbstverteidigung, Emanzipation und Staatlichkeit in der Transformation Zentral- und Osteuropas im langen neuzehnten Jahrhundert
January to February 2023

Gaëlle Fisher (Institute of Contemporary History, Munich)
Power and Powerlessness: Wilhelm Filderman and the Jews of Romania, 1938–1948
April to May 2023

Andreas Pfützner (University of Vienna)
The Romanian-Jewish Question – An International History (1872–1925)
May to Juni 2023

Michael Karl Schulz (University of Potsdam)
Jüdischen Selbstverwaltung im preußischen Teilungsgebiet (1772–1918)/Quelledition zur Rechtsgeschichte polnischer Juden
September 2023

Uladzimir Valodzin (European University Institute, Florence)
November 2023


Natalia Aleksiun (University of Florida)
The Conflict over Medical Dissections in East Central Europe between two World Wars
May to June 2022

Sabine Koller (University of Regensburg)
Yiddish Literature in the Soviet Union: Poetry and Prose, 1917–1952
within the framework of the research project »The Short Life of Soviet Yiddish Literature«
March 2022



Tom Eshed (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Holocaust Diplomacy: Commemorating the Shoah in Israeli Cultural Diplomacy, 1953–2005
October 2021



Ofer Dynes (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Castles Made of Sand: The Feudal Landscape of Modern Jewish Culture (1772–1861)
October 2019

Monika Biesaga (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)
History of Jewish Public Libraries in Poland in the interwar period
July to August 2019

Bilha Shilo (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Student Admissions Requests to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1925–1948
May 2019

Sabine Koller (University of Regensburg)
David und seine Brüder: Der (un)sowjetisch jiddische Dichter Dovid Hofshteyn (1889–1952)
March 2019


Gregor Feindt (The Leibniz Institute of European History, Mainz)
»Neue Menschen« in einer »idealen Industriestadt«. Leben und Arbeiten in Bat'as Zlín, 1920–1950
September 2018

Sarah Ellen Zarrow (Western Washington University, Bellingham, Wash.)
Polish-Jewishness and Women's Emancipation in Girls Technical Education in Lwów
August 2018 

Eli Lederhendler (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Antisemitsm in a Democracy:
The American Case
July 2018

Julie E. Cooper (Tel Aviv University)
Politics without Sovereignty?
Exile, State and Territory in Jewish Thought
July 2018

Tamir Karkason (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
The Ottoman-Jewish Haskalah (Enlightenment), 1839–1908:
A Transformation in the Jewish Communities of Western Anatolia, the Southern Balkans and Jerusalem
February 2018


Uzi Rebhun (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Double Burden: Israeli Jews in Germany
August to September 2017

Ewa Stanczyk (University of Amsterdam)
Found Photographs: The Afterlife of Jewish Images
August 2017

Cathy Gelbin (University of Manchester)
Stefan Heym (1913–2001): Ein deutsch-jüdisches Jahrhundertleben
July 2017

Nick Underwood (University of Colorado, Boulder, Col.)
YIVO Paris: Jewish Scholarship, Diaspora Nationalism, and the City of Light, 1930–1940
June 2017

Lucia Linares (Darwin College, Cambridge)
The State(s) of German Jewry: Zionist Discourse and National Identity during and after World War I
May 2017

Yael Ben-Zvi Morad (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
»Nobody’s Autobiography«: Memoirs by Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants
April 2017


Steven Aschheim (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
A Comparative Study of Twentieth Century European Jewish Intellectuals (German, British, French)
April 2016

Olga Sixtova (Charles University, Prague)
Back to the Source: Studying Early Modern Bohemian Pinkassim
April 2016

Anna Kawalko (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
German-Jewish Intellectuals after Dark Times: The Life and Work of Ernst Grumach in Postwar Germany (1945–1967)
May 2016

Jolanta Mickute (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas)
Modern, Zionist, Feminist: The Politics of Culture, Ethnicity, and Sexuality in Interwar Poland, 1918–1939
June 2016

Paul Reitter (Ohio State University, Columbus, Oh.)
The Autobiography of Salomon Maimon: The First Complete English Translation
July 2016

Jacob Barnai (Haifa)
The Image of Sabbatai Zevi in Theatre and Film
August 2016

Adi Livny (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
»The Windows of This House Shall Be Open to the Four Winds of The Heavens«: A Spatial History of The Hebrew University (1925–1948)
August 2016


Paul Reitter (Ohio State University, Columbus, Oh.)
The Great Transformation: German-Jewish Exiles and the Remaking of the Humanities in the United States
June 2015

David Biale (University of California, Davis, Ca.)
Gershom Scholem: Between Mysticism and Modernity
June to July 2015

Haim Weiss (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Scheva)
The Literary Images of Bar-Kosibah and Arminius in 19th Century Germany and Eastern Europe
August 2015

Reuven Snir (University of Haifa)
The Demise of Arabic-Jewish Culture in Israel since 1948
September 2015