Studies of the Simon Dubnow Institute

Volume 14

Zweisprachigkeit und binationale Idee

Der Prager Zionismus 1900–1930

Studies of the Dubnow Institute, Zweisprachigkeit und binationale Idee, 2013

Dimitry Shumsky's study addresses the question of how the cultural-political background of the Jewish milieu in Prague, squarely aligned between its German and Czech roots, became the vital spark for Zionism during the Habsburg Monarchy.

Such personalities as the philosopher Hugo Bergmann, the historian Hans Kohn and the publicist Robert Weltsch actively participated in the public debates at the time. They turned their experiences in a supernational monarchic world full of conflict into the basis for realizing the idea of an Arab-jewish binational state in Palestine.

336 pp.

Hardcover with dust jacket

Göttingen/Bristol, Conn.: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013

ISBN: 978-3-525-36955-5
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ISBN (e-book): 978-3-647-36955-6
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