Studies of the Simon Dubnow Institute

Volume 16

Kaufmanns Nachrichtendienst

Ein jüdisches Gelehrtennetzwerk im 19. Jahrhundert

Studies of the Dubnow Institute, Kaufmanns Nachrichtendienst, 2012

The last third of the nineteenth century witnessed David Kaufmann's (1852–1899) rise as one of the most important communicators of the Wissenschaft des Judentums. His wide and deep erudition in both, Jewish and general knowledge, highlighted his activities as the leading figure in establishing and regulating such influential journals like the Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums or the network of the Mekize Nirdamim society. Kaufmann, himself a professor at the Budapest rabbinical seminary, was pivotal for the transformation and communication of Jewish knowledge in those days.

By analyzing his network based on correspondence, exchange and personal encounters Mirjam Thulin's work allows a deep insight into the history of Jewish scholarly communication of the Wissenschaft des Judentums as well as a convincing narrative description of Kaufmann's intriguing personality.

424 pp. with 14 illustrations, 6 maps, and 6 scales

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Göttingen/Bristol, Conn.: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2012

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