Jewish History & Culture. Magazine of the Dubnow Institute

# 03 2019: Recht nach 1945

Jewish History & Culture. Magazine of the Dubnow Institute

The third issue of »Jüdische Geschichte & Kultur«is devoted to the Jewish engagement with law after 1945 in reaction to National Socialism and the Holocaust. It focuses on institutions and individuals who committed themselves to the codification of international law, participation, and sovereignty. The permanent sections »Position,« »Critique,« and »Archive« deal with, among other things, the legacy of the Bauhaus in Israel beyond the metropolises, the cinematic oeuvre of Ruth Beckermann, and the diaries of the Egyptologist Georg Steindorff.

The magazine of the Dubnow Institute offers insights into the diversity of Jewish lived experiences from modernity into the present. Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme, examining topical questions, establishing fundamental connections, and discussing contrary perspectives. Further aspects of the respective topic are discussed in the columns »Position,« »Critique,« and »Archive.«

68 pp.

Berlin: Metropol Verlag, 2019

ISSN: 2567-8469
ISBN: 978-3-86331-471-2
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