Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts/Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook

Volume 8 (2009)

Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts/Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook

Yearbook: Volume 8, 2009

The focus of the »Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook« 2009 lies on the dissemination of knowledge and the development of scholarship and philosophical thought in Ashkenaz during the transition from the Middle Ages to early modernity. The general section consists of contributions engaging with questions of Habsburg Jewry, the communist movement in the interwar period, and the philosophy of pluralism after World War II. The section on scholarly profiles presents a collection and research project on Susan Taubes. This is followed by a research and literature review as well as the Dubnowiana section, which this year features a preprint of the new Russian-language biography of Dubnow by Viktor E. Kelner, which will be published in German translation to mark Simon Dubnow’s 150th birthday.

With contributions by

Gad Freudenthal, Paris • David Berger, New York • Haym Soloveitchik, New York • Cyril Aslanov, Jerusalem • Y. Tzvi Langermann, Ramat Gan • Avraham Grossman, Jerusalem • Ephraim Kanarfogel, New York • Uriel Simon, Ramat Gan • Judah Galinsky, Ramat Gan • Tamás Visi, Olomouc • Katrin Kogman-Appel, Beer Sheva • Irene Zwiep, Amsterdam • Abraham Melamed, Haifa • Björn Siegel, Jerusalem • Gerben Zaagsma, London • Seyla Benhabib, New Haven, Conn. • Christina Pareigis, Berlin • Viktor E. Kelner, St. Petersburg • Philipp Graf, Leipzig • Omar Kamil, Leipzig

535 pp. with 11 ill., linen

Göttingen: Vandenhock & Ruprecht, 1st edition 2009

ISBN: 978-3-525-36935-7
Price: 75,95 € (D)