Die Entstehung des politischen Antisemitismus in Deutschland und Österreich 1867–1914

Monograph, Die Entstehung des politischen Antisemitismus in Deutschland und Österreich 1867–1914, 2004

In this classic work on the investigation of anti-Semitism, the British historian Peter G. J. Pulzer traces the genesis and development of anti-Semitic movements in Germany and Austria. Their radical character, clearly distinguished from traditional hatred of the Jews, was made evident between 1867 and 1918. This new »political anti-Semitism« later became the basis for a political program that fused violence and radicalism, to which the National Socialists later often referred. Pulzer's study, published in German in 1966, is regarded as trailblazing in its thematic focus, density of argumentation and interpretative approach. It left its stamp on an entire sub-area of research for years to come. This new edition, prepared at the initiative of the Simon Dubnow Institute, is based on a thorough review of the text. Among its new features is a substantially enlarged annex. An introduction to the volume by the author details how this standard work was received by the professional community and the current state of research.


The author

Peter G. J. Pulzer, born in 1929 in Vienna, is a historian, political scientist and sociologist who is Gladstone Professor Emeritus of Government and Public Administration at All Souls College (Oxford). Prof. Pulzer is head of the Leo Baeck Institute London and has been a guest professor several times at the Simon Dubnow Institute, teaching in Leipzig during the Summer Semester 2003. He ranks among the most important contemporary historians and has published numerous works on the history of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

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Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2004

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