Press Release

10 November 2022

Eighteenth edition of the Yearbook will be released soon

Jahrbuch des Dubnow-Instituts/Dubnow Institute Yearbook 18 (2019)


The bilingual »Jahrbuch des Dubnow-Instituts/Dubnow Institute Yearbook« will be published on 14 November 2022. It concentrates on Jews in Europe immediately after the World War II and in South America in the twentieth century. In addition to the classic book format, the Yearbook will be available for the first time as a free open access publication from Monday onward. The editor is the director of the Dubnow Institute, Yfaat Weiss.

In their focal point, Kata Bohus and Elisabeth Gallas address Jews in postwar Europe, honing in on the actors themselves and the challenges that Holocaust survivors faced in rebuilding their lives. The second focal point »Lucha y Libertad,« edited by Lukas Böckmann and Jan Gerber, explores Jewish experiences of existence in South America during the Cold War.

The general section and specialized sections include among others contributions on political and legal history as well as on questions of literature, language, and source materials.

The »Yearbook« is a peer-reviewed journal. All submissions undergo an anonymous review procedure, the success of which is the precondition for publication.

With contributions by

Natalia Aleksiun, Zarin Aschrafi, Lukas Böckmann, Kata Bohus, Irit Chen, Arno Dusini, Liliana Ruth Feierstein, Gregor Feindt, Elisabeth Gallas, Jan Gerber, Frank Golczewski, Gustavo Guzmán, Emmanuel Nicolás Kahan, Borbála Klacsmann, Yael Levi, Enrico Lucca, Mariano Ben Plotkin, Rafi Tsirkin-Sadan, Na’ama Seri-Levi, Gerald Stourzh, Avi-ram Tzoreff, Annette Weinke, Sarah Ellen Zarrow and Susanne Zepp.

Jahrbuch des Dubnow- Instituts/Dubnow Institute Yearbook 18 (2019)
Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2022
557 pp, with 12 ill., linen
Free of charge, Open Access

ISBN: 978-3-525-37099-5, Price: 80 Euro (Book)