Research Estate on Henriette Goldschmidt

The library of the Dubnow Institute includes the research estate of Annerose Kemp, the focus of which is the women’s rights activist and pedagogue Henriette Goldschmidt née Benas (1825–1920)

Following her training as a kindergarten teacher, the pedagogue Annerose Kemp née Weber (1936–2013) worked as a lecturer of pedagogy and preschool education at the Pedagogical School in Leipzig, where she later became the head of studies in the field of pedagogy. Beginning in the late 1970s, she conducted intensive research on Henriette Goldschmidt, her impact on the women’s education movement in Leipzig, and the Women’s Higher Education Institute and its successor institutions. She also explored the family history of the Goldschmidts and the Benases.

Kemp’s research estate has been held in the collection of the Dubnow Institute library since 2014. It includes 33 files containing around 2,750 documents from her estate (about 6,500 pages in all) as well as 110 books from her working library.

Download: PDF with an overview of materials from the research estate