Sommer Semester 2022

Shaping Democratization

Jewish Voices in Legal Policy Debates in the Early Federal Republic

Lecturers: Philip Emanuel Bockelmann/Dr. Elisabeth Gallas

Thursday, 11.15 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.

Start: 7 April 2022

Venue: Dubnow Institute, Goldschmidtstr. 28, Leipzig

Seminar Language: German

Proceeding from the much-discussed trope of the “Zero Hour” of 1945, which suggests an ostensible new start without history in the aftermath of World War II, the seminar will address legal policy debates of the immediate postwar period and the first years following the foundation of the Federal Republic. The central question here relates to how ideas, experiences, values, and patterns of thinking from the Weimar Republic and the Nazi dictatorship persisted unchanged or were modified and revised. Of particular interest are discussions and contributions of Jewish intellectuals, especially lawyers of Jewish origin, who tried to advance and shape the democratization process. Their contributions revolved especially around issues of prosecution, reparations, citizenship, the rule of law, and the ethical constitution of the law. The aim of this seminar is to analyze the various available primary sources in order to chart the intellectual situation in the Federal Republic during its formative years.

Literature: Ulrich Herbert, Geschichte Deutschlands im 20. Jahrhundert (= Europäische Geschichte im 20. Jahrhundert, o., 2. Aufl. München 2017, 549–698; Michael Stolleis, Geschichte des öffentlichen Rechts in Deutschland, 4. Bd.: Staats- und Verwaltungsrechtswissenschaft in West und Ost 1945–1990, München 2012, 25–42; Rudolf Morsey: Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Entstehung und Entwicklung bis 1969 (= Oldenbourg Grundriss der Geschichte, Bd. 19), 5. Aufl. München 2007, 1–55.

Open to mature age students: no

Participation is limited to 15 people.