Equal Opportunities

The Dubnow Institute is especially committed to promoting equal opportunities in all its spheres of activity and at all career levels and to implementing the imperative for equality and equal treatment as set forth in the Basic Law. The Dubnow Institute’s efforts towards equality are legally grounded in the Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (General Law Concerning Equal Treatment, AGG), the Ausführungsvereinbarung Gleichstellung (Implementation Agreement on Equality, AV-Glei), and the Sächsische Frauenförderungsgesetzes (Saxon Law for the Promotion of Women, SächsFFG). The Dubnow Institute moreover orients itself towards the Leibniz Equality Standards as well as the Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The institute is specifically dedicated to ensuring a discrimination-free recruitment process and the creation and maintenance of inclusive and accessible conditions, the compatibility of work and private life, the promotion and further qualification of its staff members, and sensitization to any form of discrimination. The institute endeavors to maintain a good gender balance in its various spheres of activity, especially amongst postdocs and in positions of scholarly leadership.

The main points of contact for matters related to equal opportunities at the Dubnow Institute are the equal opportunities representative and her deputy. They advise the employees in all matters concerning equal opportunities and participate in the formulation of concrete policies. They are also the points of contact in the adjudication against sexualized discrimination and violence. Finally, they are responsible for initiating and promoting internal exchanges regarding equal opportunities on all levels.

In 2019, the Dubnow Institute was awarded the title of TOTAL E-QUALITY for its enduring work to promote equality. In 2022, the rating was successfully recertified.

Equal Employment Opportunity Representative
Dr. Julia Roos

Deputy of the Equal Employment Opportunity Representative
Lisa Pribik