Digital Catalogues

The Dubnow Institute’s English-language series »Digital Catalogues« is a modern variant of the classic anthology. In concise essays with few footnotes and ample amounts of photos and documentation, the series presents selected thematic foci in an accessible manner. It is published as an open-access format and is specially designed for digital use, for example offering a zoom function on the illustrations. The catalogues are available free of charge under the Creative Commons License in PDF or EPUB formats. They can also be ordered in book form.


Published so far


In Their Surroundings

Ed. by Efrat Gal-Ed, Natasha Gordinsky, Sabine Koller, and Yfaat Weiss

Göttingen 2022


Contested Heritage

Ed. by Elisabeth Gallas, Anna Holzer-Kawalko, Caroline Jessen, and Yfaat Weiss

Göttingen 2020