Studies of the Simon Dubnow Institute

Volume 18

Joseph Wulf

Ein Historikerschicksal in Deutschland

Studies of the Dubnow Institute, Joseph Wulf, 2013

The Auschwitz survivor Joseph Wulf (1912–1974) was in the nineteenfifties the first to publish books on the Holocaust in Germany. Several years ago, a controversy erupted around him regarding early research in the Federal Republic on National Socialism. At its center was the question: whether German contemporary historical inquiry was geared to an apologetics of national history, and systematically excluded the Jewish historical experience – the perspective of the victims.

Klaus Kempter illuminates this question anew looking at Joseph Wulf's life and work. He revises and corrects the previously predominant image of Wulf as a tragic and failed life, seemingly confirmed by his suicide in 1974. By dint of his origin and chosen path in life, Wulf was an outsider; yet his publications made a key contribution to knowledge about National Socialism. This first biography of Wulf will appear on the centennial of his birth on 22 December 2012.

422 pp. with 11 illustrations

Hardcover with dust jacket

Göttingen/Bristol, Conn.: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013

2nd edition

ISBN: 978-3-525-36965-4
Price: 70,00 € (D)

ISBN (e-book): 978-3-647-36965-5
Price: 59,99 € (D)


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