Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts/Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook

Volume 7 (2008)

Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts/Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook

Yearbook: Volume 7, 2008

The first thematic focus of the 2008 volume is the mutual perception of Jews and non-Jews in Polish society between 1850 and 1939. The Polish-Jewish relationship is here analyzed through Jewish literary salons, cabarets and cinemas, and Jewish historiography. The second thematic focus examines the reasons underlying the different developments of related traditions in Islam and Judaism in the context of modernity. The remaining sections include portraits of individuals, a research and literature review with a focus on Poland, and a translation of and commentary on a Hebrew text by Simon Dubnow.

With contributions by

Howard N. Lupovitch, Michigan • Dirk Sadowski, Leipzig • Patrick Kury, Bern • Thomas Meyer, Leipzig • Marcos Silber, Haifa • Natalia Aleksiun, New York • Ela Bauer, Tel Aviv • Knut Andreas Grimstad, Oslo • Hanna Kozinska-Witt, Halle-Wittenberg • Rachel Manekin, College Park, Md. • Marcos Silber, Haifa • Ottfried Fraisse, Leipzig • Angelika Neuwirth, Berlin • Carlos Fraenkel, Montreal • Sa‘ad Albazei, Riyadh • Reinhard Schulze, Bern • Laura Jockusch, Leipzig • Elisabeth Kohlhaas/Alfons Kenkmann, Leipzig • Stephan Stach, Leipzig • Tobias Schenk, Marburg • Anke Finger, Storrs, Conn./Rainer Guldin, Lugano • Kai Struve, Halle-Wittenberg

550 pp. with 9 Ill., linen

Göttingen: Vandenhock & Ruprecht, 1st edition 2008

ISBN: 978-3-525-36934-0
Price: 72,00 € (D)