Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts/Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook

Volume 3 (2004)

Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts/Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook

Yearbook: Volume 3, 2004

The »Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook«2004 focuses on »secondary conversion«, a term that described adaptations of inner aspects of religious or ethnic Jewish self-understandings through a process of integration and acculturation into the non-Jewish environment through the paradoxical retention of the self. »Jewishness« is thereby revealed as a hybrid constellation of entanglement, which can take on both religious and secular forms. This becomes clear in situations that appear separate from origins and their trademarks, such as education and specific forms of participation in scholarship. The contributions to this yearbook – both the general categories and in the specific focal point on the history of scholarship – are dedicated to these diverse aspects of Jewish transformations from the world of traditional religion toward the world of modernity.

With contributions by

Moshe Pelli, Orlando, Fla. • Nils Roemer, Southhampton • Gerald Stourzh, Wien • Yaakov Ariel, Chapell Hill, N. C. • Katrin Steffen, Warschau • Alfred Bodenheimer, Basel/Heidelberg • Paul Mendes-Flohr, Chicago, Ill./Jerusalem • Friedrich Niewöhner, Wolfenbüttel • Ute Deichmann, Köln und London/Ulrich Charpa, London • Helmut Pulte, Bochum • Ulrich Charpa, London • Anthony S. Travis, Jerusalem • Dan Stone, London • Mitchell G. Ash, Wien • Ute Deichmann, Köln/London • Ruth Lewin Sime, Sacramento • Michael Brenner, München • David Kettler, Annandale-on-Hudson, N. Y./Volker Meja, St. John's  • Peter Stachel, Wien • Justin Stagl, Salzburg • Jeffrey Veidlinger, Bloomington, Ind. • Amos Morris-Reich, Jerusalem 

493 pp., linen

Göttingen: Vandenhock & Ruprecht, 1st edition 2004

ISBN: 3-525-36930-2
Price: 76,00 € (D)