Häuser des Buches

Bilder jüdischer Bibliotheken

Publication, Häuser des Buches, 2002

The Exhibition Catalogue, Markus Kirchhoff's »Häuser des Buches. Bilder jüdischer Bibliotheken« evoked lively interest. The book, with its numerous photos and bibliophilic details, is devoted to various facets of Jewish book and library history and was published in Leipziger Reclam-Verlag. It presents a new amply illustrated look at the establishment of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem, at the stories of the volumes in the Wiener Library and the Warburg Library of the Cultural Sciences, marked by flight and exile, the genesis and fate of the ghetto libraries in Theresienstadt, Warsaw and Vilna or the legendary private library of the publisher and bibliophile Salman Schocken, with its enormous holdings of more than 20,000 volumes.

191 pp., Hardcover with jacket

Leipzig: Verlag Reclam Leipzig, 2002

ISBN: 3-379-00786-2
Price: 24,90 € (D)

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