The Dubnow Institute aims to reduce existing disadvantages for all people, irrespective of origin, gender, health, or ability.

Since 2017, the institute building has been equipped with a guidance system, in conformance with the guidelines on »Inclusion« of the Free State of Saxony. The guidance system includes a tactile floor plan, signage in braille, and line markings and orientation fields for blind persons’ canes. The Institute has two audio induction loops available for participation in events. The library includes a working space for people with limited vision and mobility.

Our website has been designed in accordance with EU Directive 2016/2102 as well as the applicable accessible website law in Saxony (Barrierefreie-Websites-Gesetz, BfWebG). A regular quality control is conducted by the Supervisory Board for IT Accessibility of the Free State of Saxony (Überwachungsstelle für Barrierefreiheit von Informationstechnik im Freistaat Sachsen, BfIT Sachsen).

Our hiring policy gives preferential treatment to severely disabled persons with equal qualifications and skills. The respective selection committees have a balanced membership, including the institute’s representative for questions of inclusion.

Inclusion Officer
Prof. Dr. Jörg Deventer