für jüdische Geschichte und Kultur an der universität Leipzig

Workshops 2007

International Workshop

»Negotiating Jewish Knowledge – Transitions and Transformations«

 Jerusalem, 18. bis 20. November 2007





Dan Diner (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig/The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Intention and Meaning – The Research Profile of the Simon Dubnow Institute


Session 1: Modes of Dissemination


Markus Kirchhoff (Academy Project at the Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Constructing Encyclopedical Knowledge – Presenting the »Academy Project« at the Simon Dubnow Institute

Philipp Graf (Academy Project at the Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

From Emancipation to Restitution – The »Encyclopedia Project«

Nicolas Berg (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

The Dissemination of Knowledge – Publication Series at the Simon Dubnow Institute


Session 2: Jewish Knowledge in Transition


Israel Bartal (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Changing Modes of Jewish Knowledge

Menachem Blondheim (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Judaism in American English – Changing Configurations of Demand and Supply, 1654–1945

Shmuel Feiner (Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan)

In Search of the Code of Jewish Modernization


Session 3: Arsenals of Knowledge


Frauke von Rohden (Academy Project at the Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Towards a Library of Jewish Cultures – Some Exemplary Texts

Christian Otto (Academy Project at the Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Back to the Sources – Trends in Editing Archival Materials

Philipp von Wussow (Academy Project at the Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Text and Theory – Fields of Knowledge within the »Encyclopedia of Jewish Cultures«


Session 4: Jewish Knowledge in Modern History and Culture


Yfaat Weiss (Haifa University)

Citizenship and Civil Rights – Collections in Central, East-Central and Eastern Europe

Ofer Ashkenazi (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Moving Pictures before 1939 – Jews in and about Cinema

Dafna Hirsch (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Pioneering Statehood around 1948 – On the Politics of Social Engineering and Hygiene

Sharon Gordon (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Approaching Jewish History and Culture – Comparing Experiences of Young German and Israeli Scholars

Thomas Meyer (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

The Role of the Agent in Creating Culture – The Example of Gottfried Salomon

Mirjam Thulin (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Transforming Jewish Knowledge – Jewish Intellectual Networks in the 19th Century


Session 5: Pre-Modern and Modern Manifestations of Jewish Knowledge


Stefan Litt (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Examples of Hidden Treasures – Ashkenazic Minute Books and the Irene-Eber-Collection on Shanghai Jews

Ottfried Fraisse (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Evoking the Maskilic Experience – The Jewish Enlightenment as Model for Multiple Cultural Identities

Pawe? Maciejko (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Charlatans and Adventurers – Cagliostro, Casanova, Wolf Jonas Eybeschuetz, and Jacob Frank

Yotam Hotam (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

On Reason and Revelation – The Correspondence between Eric Voegelin and Leo Strauss

Amir Marmor (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Europe as a Chronotop – Boundaries of Belonging beyond Time and Space

David Jünger (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Negotiating with Nazi Germany? – Jewish Schemes of Emigration around 1935


Session 6: On Projects and Modes of Cooperation


Susanne Zepp (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Research and Cooperation – Current and Future Network Projects at the Simon Dubnow Institute

Moshe Zimmermann (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Body in Text – Collections and Archival Documents on the History of Sports

Natasha Gordinsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Noise of Time – Conceptualizing Jewish Russian Modernism

Tali Artman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Past of an Illusion – Reevaluating Rabbinic Hegemony

Victoria Prilutsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Teaching the Rulers – Transmitting Knowledge in 14th Century Spain

Anna Novikov (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

In Research of German and Polish Jewries – The Cracow Archiwum Pa?stwowe


Session 7: Scope and Stance of Jewish Knowledge


Amos Morris-Reich (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Picturing the Other – Racial Photographs as Evidence and Form

Lutz Fiedler (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Dissenting Opinions – Jewish Experiences and the Critique of Zionism

Pini Ifergan (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Hans Blumenberg’s Critique of Secularization – Probing its Modes on the Case of Zionism

Elchanan Reiner (Tel Aviv University)

Changing Culture – Jewish Knowledge in the Early Modern Period

Dirk Sadowski (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)

Printing and Transgressing Knowledge – The Case of Jessnitz, 1718–1744


Dan Diner

Concluding Remarks


Discussing Cooperation

Future Projects between Leipzig and Jerusalem