für jüdische Geschichte und Kultur an der universität Leipzig

Summer School 2015

Summer School »Early Modern Ashkenazi Record Keeping. Pinkassim as Historical Sources«

14 to 17 July 2015

Place: Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig


The Pinkassim Project: Recovering the Records of European Jewry, in conjunction with the Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University invited applications for a summer school of intensive workshops in the study of early modern Ashkenazic pinkassim (communal record books).


The summer school lasted for four days, during which participants learnt about the historical, textual, and linguistic context of the pinkassim. Workshop sessions were conducted by Prof. Israel Bartal, Jörg Deventer, and Prof. Adam Teller. The main aim of the school was to provide scholars and students with the knowledge they need in order to read and analyze Ashkenazic pinkassim. The group devoted a great deal of the time to reading these sources in their original language.





Israel Bartal (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Jörg Deventer (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)
Stefan Litt (National Library of Israel, Jerusalem)
Adam Teller (Brown University, Providence)