für jüdische Geschichte und Kultur an der universität Leipzig

Haya Bar-Itzhak

Head of Folklore Studies/University of Haifa

Forschungsaufenthalt: 5. bis 30. September 2005


The History of Folkloristics in Eastern Europe


The area of my research is the Jewish folk narrative, with my work combining the ethnographic and poetic aspects of the subject. The ethnographic aspect is manifested in the recording of folk narratives in their natural environment, while examining the storytelling event, narrator-audience relations, the narrative as a communicative process, and the performance itself. In the area of poetics, I have examined various poetic elements, using concepts from literary theory and adapting them to the field of folk narrative. I have studied such poetic aspects as character, space, and narration and the components of communication, among others. These studies have been carried out while relating to various genres, such as wonder tale and legends of different types. My research emphasizes different research approaches, examining their contribution to interpreting and gaining an understanding of the text.