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The Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee

Jewish Burial Culture in Germany

In many places, Jewish cemeteries are the last visible remnants of Germany’s once numerous Jewish communities. Not only are they important witnesses to the centuries-long history of German Jews, they also serve as a reminder of the crimes committed against them, making them particularly vulnerable places: It is estimated that Jewish graveyards are desecrated every other week in Germany, whether through graffiti or damage to property. Thus, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries is one of the most common forms of antisemitic violence. Using the example of the Jewish Cemetery Berlin-Weißensee, this project will examine the intertwining of Jewish burial culture and antisemitism as well as current changes in Jewish everyday culture.

This project is part of the cooperative project »Turning Object into Subject. Communicating Jewish Everyday Culture in Germany« funded by the BMBF.