Dr. Tom Navon

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Phone: +49 341 21735-76

Working at the Dubnow Institute as a Fellow, funded by the Minerva Foundation from August 2020 to September 2022. From October 2022 to September 2023 funded by the Alfred Landecker Foundation.

Studied Jewish History at the University of Haifa and completed his MA degree in 2015. Title of Master’s thesis: »The Recession, 1964–1967: A Chapter in Israel's Political-Economic History«. Doctoral Candidate between 2015 and 2020 at the University of Haifa; subject of PhD thesis: »Marxist Jewish Historiography«. In recent years taught in Beit-Berl College of Education, guided student tours in Poland for Derech Center of Education (Hamahanot Haolim) and worked as a researcher in Hashomer Hatzair Department of History in Givat Haviva.

Research Interests

  • Jews and Labor Movements
  • Jewish Historiography
  • Marxism and the Jewish Question
  • History of Zionism
  • Martin Buber
  • Holocaust
  • Economic History of Israel
  • Kibbutz Movement


Uri Ram, The Return of Martin Buber: National and Social Thought in Israel from Martin Buber to the Neo-Buberians, Tel Aviv 2015, in: Kivunim Chadashim, 34 (May 2016), 83–91 (Heb.).