Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Studies of the Simon Dubnow Institute, Volume 18

Klaus Kempter:

Joseph Wulf.

Ein Historikerschicksal in Deutschland



422 pp. with 11 illustrations

Hardcover with dust jacket

Göttingen/Bristol, Conn.: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2013

2nd edition, 2014

ISBN 978-3-525-36965-4

Price: 70,00 € (D)

ISBN 978-3-647-36965-5 (e-book)

Price: 59,99 € (D)





The Auschwitz survivor Joseph Wulf (1912–1974) was in the nineteenfifties the first to publish books on the Holocaust in Germany. Several years ago, a controversy erupted around him regarding early research in the Federal Republic on National Socialism. At its center was the question: whether German contemporary historical inquiry was geared to an apologetics of national history, and systematically excluded the Jewish historical experience – the perspective of the victims.

Klaus Kempter illuminates this question anew looking at Joseph Wulf's life and work. He revises and corrects the previously predominant image of Wulf as a tragic and failed life, seemingly confirmed by his suicide in 1974. By dint of his origin and chosen path in life, Wulf was an outsider; yet his publications made a key contribution to knowledge about National Socialism. This first biography of Wulf will appear on the centennial of his birth on 22 December 2012.