Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Visiting Scholars 2009

Jonathan Fine (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

The Concept of Holy War in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: A Comparative Analysis - Past and Present

2 to 14 February 2009


Natasha Gordinsky (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

»My time is engraved in my poems«: Shaping of responsibility in Lea Goldberg's works in days of Second World War

23 to 27 February 2009, 1 October 2009 - 31 March 2010


Eran Almagor (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

The Influence of Ancient Jewish Thought on Early Modern Political Philosophy

1 March 2009 to 28 February 2011

Fellowship of the Minerva Foundation


Haim Goren (Tel Hai Academic College, Israel)

The Holy Land  in Germany's Cultural landscape: Religion, Science and Pilgrimage

1 April to 31 May 2009

within the FMER-Project »Communicating Europe«


David Weinstein (Department of Political Science, Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA)

Exile and Interpretation: Reinventing European Intellectual History

16 April to 15 June 2009 (Fulbright-Fellowship)

22 June to 21 July 2009 within the FMER-Project »Communicating Europe«


Susannah Heschel (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA)

Jewish scholarship on Islam

30 June to 05 July 2009


Adi Gordon (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Jewish Intellectuals in Germany during the Occupation and the Early 1950s

1 to 31 July 2009


Pawel Maciejko (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

17 July - 14 August 2009


Kate Sorrels (University of Pittburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Central European Jewish Èmigrés and the Cold War Idea of Europe

1 to 31 July 2009

within the FMER-Project »Communicating Europe«


Kerstin von der Krone (University of Erfurt)

Wissenschaft in Öffentlichkeit. Modernisierungsdiskurse in der Publizistik der Wissenschaft des Judentums

1 July to 30 September 2009

within the FMER-Project »Communicating Europe«


Vanessa Walker (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Ambivalent Allies: Advocates, Diplomats, and the Pursuit of an »American« Human Rights Policy

9 July to 8 August 2009


Yaara Shehori 

The Maternal Aspect in the Poetry of Hayyim Nachman Bialik

1 August to 30 October 2009


Yaakov Ariel (University Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)

Jüdisch-christliche Beziehungen

16 August to 15 September / 1 to 31 October 2009

within the FMER-Project »Communicating Europe«


Amir Banbaji (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

A History of Hebrew Literary Criticism, 1860-1960: The Debate over Hebrew Literature's Universal, Secular and Modern Character

1 to 30 September 2009


Anna Maria Droumpouki (Kapodistrian University Athens, Greece)

Sites of Memory of World War II in Greece: Memory and its Use in Public History

1 September to 30 October 2009


Kathryn Hume (Stanford University, California, USA)

Die Fiktionalität im Europa des 17. Jahrhundert

7 September to 6 December 2009

within the FMER-Project »Communicating Europe«


Ismar Schorsch (The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York)

Heinrich Leberecht Fleischer and his relationship to »jüdische Wissenschaft« / The contribution of scholars of »Wissenschaft des Judentums« to the development of Oriental studies in 19th-century Germany

13 October to 12 November 2009


Mohamed Ahmed (Mansoura University, Egypt)

The First and the Second Generations of Iraqi Jews through »Tel Aviv East« Trilogy

1 November 2009 to April 2010, Fellowship of the DAAD