Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Visiting Scholars 2007

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford University, USA)

Leibniz Professorship at Leipzig University, Summer Semester 2007


Julian Levinson (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

Development of Yiddish Literary Culture in the U.S.

8 to 13 May 2007


Batia Gilad (Haifa University, Israel)


29 April to 8 July 2007


Rohee Dasgupta (Keele University, Great Britain)

Hidden Ghettos: The Identity and Human Rights Issues of Jews in Poland 1945 till Today

1 to 31 Juli 2007


Yaakov Ariel (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)

Pietist and Evangelical Christianity and its relation to the Jews

2 July to 10 August 2007


Amos Morris-Reich (Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel)

»Type,« »Jewish Difference,« and Photography: A Chapter in the History of Seeing

1 to 31 August 2007


Pawel Maciejko (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Ritual Murder Accusations in 18th Century Poland-Lithuania

1 to 31 August 2007


Amir Marmor (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Albert Einstein und die Hebräische Universität

1 to 31 August 2007


Sharon Gordon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Jüdische Konversionen zum Christentum im Deutschland des Fin de siècle

1 to 31 August 2007


Ofer Ashkenazi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Albert Einstein und die Friedensbewegung in den Jahren 1929–1939

1 to 31 August 2007


Natasha Gordinsky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Ethics and Aesthetics in the Works of Leah Goldberg

1 to 30 September 2007


Anna Novikov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Jewish National Self Visions of Freemason and B’nai-B’rith Members – Between »Deutschland« and »Polska«

8 September to 10 October 2007


Haim Goren (Tel Hai College, University of Haifa, Israel)

Dead Sea Level and British Imperialism in the Near East, 1830–1850

10 September to 10 October 2007


Sherif Salem (Menoufiya University, Ägypten)

Trends of the Old Testament Criticism: An Applied Study on Samue

18 September to 20 November 2007


Yotam Hotam (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Kulturgeschichte der deutsch-jüdische Intellektuellen nach 1945

23 September to 22 October 2007

Scholarship of the Minerva-Foundation


Moshe Zimmermann (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

Jüdische Sportgeschichte

23 to 27 September 2007


Kati Vörös (University of Chicago, USA)

The Tiszaszlár Blood Libel Affair: Society, Politics and the Jews in Hungary, 1880–1890

1 October to 31 December 2007


Shai Lavi (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Civilized Animals: Jews, Muslims and the Ritual Slaughtering Controversy in Germany, 1870–2002

1 October 2007 to 31 July 2008

Scholarship of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation


David Slucki (University of Melbourne, Australien)

Bay Gedekte Tishn: Jewish postmodernity and the Bund in Melbourne

1 November 2007 to 20 January 2008


Eran Almagor (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

4 to 18 December 2007