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Disseminating German Tradition. The Thyssen Lectures

Hg. von Dan Diner und Moshe Zimmermann

187 Seiten, Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag

Leipzig, Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2009

ISBN: 987-3-86583-362-4

Preis: 29,00 € (D)



Dan Diner, Moshe Zimmermann

Israel's German Academic Legacy.
An Introduction


Georg L. Mosse

The Meaning of Bildung - A Concept in Universality


Reinhart Koselleck

On the History of Concepts and the Concept of History


Charles S. Maier

Volk, Class, and Citizen - The Imaginaries of German Social History


Peter Pulzer

What Shall I Put in my Luggage?
Reflecting Cultural Migration from Central Europe


Andrei S. Markovits

From Prague to America - Karl W. Deutsch between Experience and Knowledge


Michael H. Kater

The Sound of Exile - Jewish Musicians, the Third Reich and the Fate of Emigration


Charles E. McClelland

Professional Practices Transmitted - German Heritage and the Israeli Social Fabric


Sander L. Gilman

Constructing Belonging - Aesthetic Surgery among Jews in Germany, America, and Israel


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