für jüdische Geschichte und Kultur an der universität Leipzig

Leipziger Beiträge, Band 7 (2010)

Dan Diner



Antonio Gómez López-Quiñones, Susanne Zepp




History, Experience, and Knowledge


Reyes Mate

From History and Memory – and Back: Factuality, Knowledge, and Morality


Dan Diner

Icons of European Memory Juxtaposed: The Spanish Civil War and the Holocaust


Isabel Estrada

To Mauthausen and Back: The Holocaust as a Reference in Spanish Civil War Memory Studies


Bernd Rother

Myth and Fact – Spain and the Holocaust


Xosé Manoel Núñez Seixas

Sharing or Witnessing Destruction? The »Blue Divison« and the Nazi Holocaust



Concentration Camps Experience



Sharon Marquart

Writing Collective Experience in Jorge Semprún's Buchenwald Narratives


Ulrich Winter

»Acción solidaria:« The Mauthausen-Experience in Early Narration


Gina Herrmann

Camera Caedens, Camera Vindex: Francesc Boix and Photography at Mauthausen


Antonio Gómez López-Quiñones

Law, Fidelity, and Writing: On Mariano Constante's Tras Mauthausen


Joan Ramon Resina

In the Butcher's Den: The Holocaust Through Catalan Eyes



Poetics of Comprehension



Susanne Zepp

Early Writing – Max Aub's San Juan


Sultana Wahnón

Graves of the Jews: The Holocaust in Post-war Spanish Poetry


Ana Merino

Choreography of Telling: Holocaust Memory Through Artistic Expression


David K. Herzberger

Experience Into Storytelling – Antonio Muñoz Molina's Sefarad


Dagmar Schmelzer

Between Fiction and Faction – On César Antonio Molina's Esperando a los años que no vuelven and Juan Manuel de Prada's El séptimo velo


Luis Martín-Estudillo

Death's Twilight Kingdom: Antonio Martínez Sarrión's Cantil