Gastwissenschaftler 2016

Steven Aschheim (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor emeritus)
A Comparative Study of Twentieth Century European Jewish Intellectuals (German, British, French)
6. bis 30. April 2016

Olga Sixtova (Karls-Universität Prag)
Back to the Source: Studying Early Modern Bohemian Pinkassim
1. bis 30. April 2016

Anna Kawalko (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
German-Jewish Intellectuals after Dark Times: The Life and Work of Ernst Grumach in Postwar Germany (1945–1967)
2. bis 30. Mai 2016

Artem Kharchenko (Nationale Technische Universität »Charkiwer Polytechnisches Institut«, Charkiw)
A Jewish Community in the Space of a Russian Imperial City: Kharkiv, 1859–1914
2. bis 30. Juni 2016

Jolanta Mickute (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas)
Modern, Zionist, Feminist: The Politics of Culture, Ethnicity, and Sexuality in Interwar Poland, 1918–1939
3. bis 30. Juni 2016

Paul Reitter (Ohio State University, Columbus)
The Autobiography of Salomon Maimon: The First Complete English Translation
Juli 2016

Jacob Barnai (Haifa, Professor emeritus)
The Image of Sabbatai Zevi in Theatre and Film
August 2016

Adi Livny (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
»The Windows of This House Shall Be Open to the Four Winds of The Heavens«: A Spatial History of The Hebrew University (1925–1948)
August 2016

Neri Ariel (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Manuals for Judges: a Study of Genizah Fragments of a Judeo-Arabic Monographic Legal Genre
7. bis 30. November 2016