Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University


The Research Unit »Politics« focuses on the modern political history of the Jews. The horizon of problems it centers on extends from questions of the pre-modern corporate estate-based society, at whose demise the legal status of the Jews was renegotiated, to the history of the impact of the Holocaust, reverberating on down into the present. Exemplified in the history of the Jews, concrete questions of belonging, migration and political organization are investigated, as well as the historical changes in former expectations of modernity. Approaches based on the theory of memory are employed, along with a range of methodological perspectives grounded on the sociology of culture, social history and the history of everyday life. 

Members of the research unit »Politics«


Head: PD Dr. Jan Gerber

Deputy Head: N.N.


Dr. Magnus Klaue

Dr. Ivonne Meybohm

Dr. des. Imanuel Clemens Schmidt


Doctoral Candidates:

Lukas Böckmann

Felix Pankonin 

John S. Will


Academic and Student Assistants:

Margarita Lerman

Annika Paduan

Juliane Weiß

Current research projects


Limits of Perception. The Left and the Holocaust

(PD Dr. Jan Gerber)


»A Paradise on Earth.« Catholic Tradition and Political Theology among the Argentine Guerillas of the 1960s

(Lukas Böckmann)


The Last Citizen. An Intellectual Biography of Max Horkheimer

(Dr. Magnus Klaue)


A Labour Man in Berlin. Richard Löwenthal and the Social Democratic Party of West Germany (SPD)

(Felix Pankonin)


The Protestant Canon and the Jewish Experience in Horace M. Kallen's Concept of Cultural Pluralism

(Dr. des. Imanuel Clemens Schmidt)


Trade Union Activist, Journalist, and Trotskyist. The Life of Jakob Moneta and His Interpretation of Life (1914–2012)

(John S. Will)