Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University


The epistemic interest of this Research Unit centers on establishing the modes of perception, textual and collective constructions of the »We« and the »Other« as well as the reconstruction of styles of thinking, thought traditions and cultures of knowledge and science that emerge in specific historical constellations. In addition, research here problematizes narratives and narrative traditions, representations and conceptual constellations that accompany events, spring from the vortex of events and in turn impact on other developments. Consequently, projects in this Research Department foreground personalities or groups in intellectual life whose experiences can be found reflected in discursive-textual and visual form as evidence and testimony, and whose œuvre and thinking it is important to embed in larger historical contexts.  

Members of the research unit


Head: Dr. Nicolas Berg

Deputy Head: Dr. Enrico Lucca


Dr. Arndt Engelhardt

Dr. Angelique Leszczawski-Schwerk


Doctoral Candidates:

Zarin Aschrafi

Shaul Marmari

Annette Wolf


Academic and Student Assistants:

Carolin Piorun

Charlotte Trottier

Current research projects