Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University


The library began operations with the founding of the Institute in the autumn of 1995. It is a special-purpose library geared to supporting research at the Institute. The holdings and new acquisitions reflect the research foci of the Institute. Books, periodicals and other materials can be used only at the library. It presently contains some 19,000 books, numerous microfilms and microfiches, as well as 170 periodicals, of which 70 are on current subscription.

There are ten working places for reading and three for using microfilmes and -fiches. Beside this the library owns a readerprinter.


The complete media stock can be looked up at the online Opac. All media is  available in the library but since it is a reference library it cannot be used outside.


ONLINE CATALOGUE at the Südwestverbund (SWB) 

The Library of the Israeli Historian Jacob Toury (1915-2004)
The Private Archives of Simon Dubnow

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday9 to noon and 1 to 5 pm


Librarian: Grit N. Scheffer, phone: +49 341 21735-58 



Changed Opening Hours from 21 December 2017 to 5 January 2018


Thursday     21.12.     9 am–12 pm

Tuesday      02.01.     9 am–12 pm | 1–5 pm

Wednesday  03.01.     9 am–12 pm | 1–5 pm

Thursday     04.01.     9.30 am–12 pm