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Nicolas Berg: Luftmenschen, Volume 3

Nicolas Berg:


Zur Geschichte einer Metapher


With a foreword by Dan Diner


245 pp., paperback

Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2008

2nd. edition, 2014

240 pp., paperback

ISBN 978-3-525-35092-8

Price: 20,00 € (D)

ISBN 978-3-647-35092-9 (e-book)

Price: 15,99 € (D)





Concept and discourse of the »Jewish Luftmensh« around 1900 functions not only as a metaphor for what the 19th century bequeathed to the 20th in form of the »Jewish Question«, but also as a critical comment on modernity as a whole, in which Jews were perceived and described as »rootless«. Bergs book analyses the cultural upspring, development and change of this metaphor with examples from economy, theology, philosophy, science and literature.