Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Leibniz Professorship at Leipzig University

In the Summer 2007, Professor Dr. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford University) served as Leibniz Professor of the University of Leipzig at the Simon Dubnow Institute. The Leibniz Professorship is a research appointment in the Institute for Advanced Studies of the University of Leipzig.


Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht had offered a block seminar »Mood of Latency. Texts and Situations in the Uncanny Quiet in the 1950s.«



The 15 years after the end of WW II in the United States and Europe have in retrospect taken on the arguable reputation of having been a period of quietism. I.e., »traumatic experiences,« which only few persons at the time wished to have consciously, and which actually no one consciously was able to have, were kept under a cloak of silence. But today, this period of awkward and problematic silence seems like a period of »latency« in regard to our contemporary interests and fascinations. The aim of the seminar is to examine the texts and situations that came into being between 1945 and 1960, from an array of languages and situations. Our discussions should lead to the first draft sketch of a project that initially bears the same title as the seminar.


The inaugural lecture for the Leibniz Professorship at the University of Leipzig on the topic »Mood of Latency. How Present are the 1950s to Us Today?« took place on 22 May 2007in the Old Senate Hall of the University.


In the Summer Semester 2007, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht was directing the research colloquium »Hidden Memories« in tandem with Prof. Dan Diner. It met every second Thursday. Dates, lecturers and speakers can be found listed here.


More detailed  information on Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht can be found here.

Information on the Leibniz Professorship can be found on the homepage of the Institute for Advanced Studies of the University (ZHS).