Mohamed A. H. Ahmed



Guest Scholar at the Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation


• 2009–2016 at the Simon Dubnow Institute initially as a Visiting Scholar, funded by the DAAD, since 2012 as a Doctoral Candidate


Completed Dissertation

Arabic Use of the Iraqi Jewish Novelists. A Stylistic Analysis of Selected Early and Late Hebrew Novels


Selected Publications

Two Languages, One Text. Cultural Translation in Iraqi Jewish Fiction, in: Arndt Engelhardt/Lutz Fiedler/Elisabeth Gallas/Philipp Graf/Natasha Gordinsky (eds.), Ein Paradigma der Moderne. Jüdische Geschichte in Schlüsselbegriffen. Festschrift für Dan Diner zum 70. Geburtstag, Göttingen/Bristol, Conn., 2016, 221–235.


Hebrew and Arabic in Contact. Deviation and Interference in Iraqi Jewish Fiction, in: Miscelánea de Estudios Árabes y Hebraicos. Sección Hebreo 63 (2014), 11–25.


Moving From East to East. Coding Arabic Place Names in Iraqi Jewish Fiction, in: Online Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Poetics and Linguistics Association.