Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Research Talks 2010

18 November, lunch talk with Dorit Gordon

Research project: Early »Anti-Semitism«, its Roots and Background  



17 August, lunch talk with Yaron Peleg and Tali Artman

Research project: For the Love of the Shtetl. Adaptions of European Love Models in the Hebrew Novel



7 July, lunch talk with Michael Bodemann

Research project: »Rasse« – »Klasse« – »Fremdsein«: Zum untergründigen Diskurs über Juden auf den deutschen Soziologentagen 1910 und 1912



21 June, lunch talk with Svetlana Boym

Research project: Partially Jewish: Role-Playing, Rootless Cosmopolitanism, and Civic Conscience